Client Testimonials


October 2018


Client "M"

April 2018

“After being in group, and having the opportunity to be in an intimate setting with others and listen to each persons' perspective on situations, I feel that I have a greater appreciation and understanding of human individuality. Also, I love that you varied meditation sessions based on group meeting.”

"Working with Cyndi and Morgan at Flourish Nutrition was a dream come true. For years I’d gotten in the habit of neglecting my own health, especially when it came to nutrition. The comprehensive and holistic approach of the Flourish team helped me understand all the ways I’d been undercutting my health, and how to make small changes that over time lead to a large impact.

I highly recommend the Flourish! in 40 package. With weekly goals and actionable changes, this program helped me to change my eating, exercise and sleep habits one step at a time. Morgan was incredibly supportive and available every step of the way. Individualized meal plans, shopping lists and recipes made it super easy to follow.

Pairing the nutritional changes with mindfulness-based consultations with Cyndi is really what made everything “stick.” I was brand new to mindfulness techniques, and weekly appointments with Cyndi allowed me to start incorporating these tools into a daily practice. Addressing mindfulness and nutritional changes in conjunction is truly what made this program so successful in my mind. I cannot recommend the team at Flourish enough - it has changed my lifestyle in so many ways!"

Mental Health Reset Client

June 2018

"Even though this class only met 6 times over the course of 6 weeks, I learned and took away so much. Understanding how mental health and nutrition are correlated really helped me make better dietary decisions. Each week we were given different challenges that helped us on our journey to better health. After noticing the changes that I've made throughout these 6 weeks, I will not look back! Thank you Morgan!!!”

Mental Health Reset Client

June 2018

“The course entailed a scientific breakdown of nutrition in food, as well as group support, and challenges to apply life style changes to eat more nutritious foods. It is packed with information that can be easily applied. The course provides plenty of support from the instructor and the group to transition in to the new habits. I'm very satisfied with the course and feel that the new habits are easier to apply when paired with being mindful about how you feel after eating certain foods.”