Group Overview

Participating in a psychotherapy or educational group has many benefits, including:

  • Engaging with others with a similar diagnosis in a group setting that is free from judgment can lead you to develop trust and ease in interacting with your group members

  • Improved social and interpersonal skills   

  • Cultivate courage and assertiveness which can help you explore how thoughts, belief systems and unique personal experiences influence your relationship with others and yourself 

  • More affordable than individual sessions

  • When appropriate, can be combined with individual counseling  to ease a sense of isolation, give/receive additional perspectives, and uncover blind spots that can arise during individual sessions  



Mindfulness Processing Groups

Process-oriented therapy groups allows group members to: share experiences and interactions in a setting that is judgment-free and empathetic; connect to others with similar interpretations and feelings; and challenge themselves to explore relating to others in different and healthy ways. Facilitators provide guidance for group members to investigate the ‘here and now’ through a Mindfulness lens.  


Mindfulness Skill Development Class

This curriculum-based group class subtly cultivates mindful awareness while teaching you how your brain, gut and nervous system interact with each other in ways that effect your mood and behavior. We use in-class exercises, discussion, meditation and homework to integrate the material.


Group Nutrition Class - Mental Health Reset -

Our Mental Health Reset Group gives you the opportunity to learn how proper nutrition can boost your mood and self-confidence in a supportive, fun environment.