Functional Nutrition

 Our Nutritional Beliefs:

  • A comprehensive and holistic approach is necessary to achieve mental health wellness

  • Optimal health requires synergistic treatment, engaging both body and mind  

  • There are multi-factorial causes for symptoms and one-size-fits-all approaches are flawed 

  • The biological basis of mental illness lends itself to nutrition and lifestyle measures that enhance neuroplasticity and brain resiliency

  • Individual nutrients in food fuel the biochemistry of the body and form the building blocks for many neurotransmitters and molecules your brain needs to work clearly and efficiently

  • Our nutritional services honor the power of food and its' innate ability to heal 


What does FUNCTIONAL nutrition mean?

Functional nutrition is an evidence-based approach that integrates human biology systems and biochemistry to look for the underlying cause of dysfunction. Practitioners at flourish!  emphasize personalized nutrition services where each client is treated as a unique individual with a particular personal history, family history, environment, and lifestyle habits. This approach enables patient-tailored interventions, as opposed to standard one-size-fits all type protocol.   Functional nutritional services at flourish!, when combined with therapy, can be a more effective, healing, and natural alternative to psychiatric medications.
WARNING: Side effects of whole food nutrition and mindfulness based therapy can include: feeling a sense of ease and grace; increased energy and vitality; capacity to regulate emotions; and healthy weight loss.


Flourish in 40! -- Our signature program  

flourish in 40!  is a 7-week individualized program that includes an extensive nutritional and psychosocial assessment;  analysis of up to five laboratory tests';  a custom-designed and practical nutritional program that caters to your tastebuds and nutrient needs;  shopping lists, meal plans and recipes; weekly consultation with the nutritionist; and a lifestyle protocol for exercise, meditation, and sleep. For the best results we recommend weekly mindfulness psychotherapy, either individual or group, as a way to induce curiosity and awareness of your body, emotions, and experiences as well as supporting you through the 7 week program.