Psychotherapy Services

Talk therapy, or psychotherapy,  is an evidence-based treatment that has proven to be the most effective modality for decreasing distress caused by negative emotions such as sadness, hopelessness or anxiety.

Psychotherapy (or counseling) offers clients an opportunity to  build trust with an empathetic clinician who can validate your experiences and emotions while guiding you to learn a broad set of interactive coping skills so that you can deal with life's daily challenges.  

flourish! offers individual and group therapy sessions so that clients can pick the form of therapy that best suits their needs and budget. 


Individual session fees have a range of prices and are dependent on the practitioner, length of session and the eligibility to receive discounted rates.  

  • 50 minutes - $80 - $130

  • 70 minutes - $100 - $195

Couples or family sessions are $145 for 70-minutes

Mindfulness group therapy sessions require one individual intake plus a monthly financial commitment in order to reserve your seat in our 'closed' and on-going therapy groups. 

  • 50 minute Individual Intake for Group - $75

  • Mindfulness Processing Groups

    • 90 minutes

    • Monthly fee of $120 includes up to 3 sessions

  • Mindfulness Skill Development Group Class

    • 8 sessions, 90 minutes each

    • $ 50 per session

    • Curriculum-based and psychoeducational



Nutritional Services

Flourish! in FORTY

Our signature program can start boosting energy and mood and decreasing symptoms of Anxiety and Depression in the first two weeks. The program includes:

  1. Initial consultation with deep dive on health history, family and current lifestyle and environment.

  2. Assessment to gather context, assess current symptoms and establish program goals.

  3. Review of nutritional assessment forms and analysis of laboratory tests (up to 20 pages of lab work).

  4. On going nutritional consultations throughout the program with weekly appointments and text/email support in between

  5. Specific and individualized food choice list; meal plans; shopping lists; recipes; recommended laboratory tests; pre- and post-program assessments, and log sheets.

    $795 for the 7-week program

    *$110/week as add-on for current Flourish! therapy clients

    Recommended: To ensure clinically significant decreases in anxiety and depression, we encourage clients to receive weekly mindfulness-based psychotherapy or counseling.


nutrition assessment  

75-minute initial appointment with Functional Nutritionist Angela Nash to review current symptoms and lifestyle; Receive recommendations for small changes that can produce big results — $110